VIGBC Businesses are taking action, every year, to protect the natural environment and shift Vancouver Island to a green economy. Follow VIGBC on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about what VIGBC businesses are doing. 

VIGBC Mission Statement

The Vancouver Island Green Business Certification was built on the idea that good business can prosper symbiotically with the environment. By shifting current practices we can integrate our economy with local ecosystems, enabling both to thrive. The collective efforts of small businesses on Vancouver Island will propel our region to the forefront of the international green economy movement.

Our Standards

Transparency and accountability are pivotal to our vision of a successful and effective certification program. To develop a set of specific green certification standards we studied international best practices from established programs in San Francisco, Portland and others around the world. The development of the VIGBC certification criteria was a collaborative process working closely with industry experts, academics, local governments, and members of the business community. The concise, sector-based certification criteria is built to be a simple and effective guide for making significant environmental improvements to small and medium sized businesses on Vancouver Island.

Verification Process

It is key for a green business certification to be verified by a third party for accountability, transparency and credibility. Every business that receives a VIGBC seal of certification will complete a third party assessment by a verifier contracted and trained by SSI to complete the VIGBC process. Verifiers will conduct a site visit to assess the company's operations and interview key staff. This personalized, yet objective, approach allows verifiers to make specific recommendations and help establishments reach a higher level of green certification.


VIGBC is accountable to the Green Certification Committee, a panel of sustainability experts, as well as the Synergy Sustainability Institute Board of Directors and the Province of BC under the Society Act for provincial non-profit societies.

The Vancouver Island Green Business Certification Program is hosted by Synergy Sustainability Institute (SSI) , a non-profit organization located in Victoria, BC. SSI received support from the following organizations to bring you the first localized green business certification on Vancouver Island. THANK YOU to our many partner organizations!


Surfrider Vancouver Island

Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization that is dedicated to the preservation of the world's oceans. The foundation has partnered with VIGBC to recognize businesses that are working to keep plastics out of our oceans. To become Surfrider approved, businesses must not give out plastic bags and implement two additional actions to reduce single-use plastic. 



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