Certification is simple and easy!  Follow these four steps to achieve your green business certification.

1.  Download the criteria for your sector.

Inspect your business by following through your sector checklist.  Verifiers grant points for actions, policies and programs that are implemented. When you feel confident that your site complies with at least the SILVER level standards, carry on to the next step.  (See our online resources if you need additional assistance.)

Get Surfrider Approved!

Through VIGBC, businesses can also get 'Surfrider Approved'. Show your love for the ocean by minimizing or eliminating single-use plastic including bags, straws, and more.

2018 Restaurant Checklist_Surfrider.pdf 2018 Restaurant Checklist_Surfrider.pdf
Size : 216.996 Kb
Type : pdf
2018 Office Checklist_Surfrider.pdf 2018 Office Checklist_Surfrider.pdf
Size : 172.761 Kb
Type : pdf
2018 Retail Checklist_Surfrider.pdf 2018 Retail Checklist_Surfrider.pdf
Size : 164.241 Kb
Type : pdf
2018 Spa_Salon Checklist_Surfrider.pdf 2018 Spa_Salon Checklist_Surfrider.pdf
Size : 153.619 Kb
Type : pdf

2.  Sign Up to Get Certified.

Email info@vigbc.ca to connect with a verifier in your area and schedule a site visit. 

3.  Site Visit & Improve Your Score 

Your assigned Verifier will come on site to walk through the checklist, inspect your operations and help you find areas for improvements. Following your site visit, you will have two weeks to improve your score, if you wish. You can submit photo evidence of new actions directly to your verifier who will add those points to your final score. 

 4. Final Score & Payment 

Your verifier will send your final score via email with confirmation of the level your business has achieved and digital decals. Once payment for your VIGBC invoice is made, your physical decals and certification will be send via mail. 

Three Ways to Pay:

By Cheque:

Synergy Sustainability Institute- VIGBC 
Unit #415 - 620 View Street
Victoria BC, V8W 1J6

By E-tranfer: 

Send email to liz@synergyenterprises.ca 

By Credit Card: 

We accept credit cards on site using the Square Ap (3% charge fee).


Phone our office to pay by credit card 



$250 per business 

(less than 100 employees)


4.  Promote Your Success.

After completing the assessment with your verifier, your business will receive a grade based on the number of actions it has successfully implemented.  A marketing package for the corresponding level will be sent to you shortly thereafter.

Q. Why should my business aim for higher levels of certification?

Brand Appeal

Making your business a sustainable one speaks to stake-holders, letting them know that you care about your environmental impact.

Loyal Staff

Attract and retain loyal staff by publicly evaluating your businesses' impact and finding ways to reduce it.  Businesses that go green retain staff longer than those who stick to the "business as usual" model.

Reduced Costs

Some worry that going green will cost more than their current way of business.  In fact, green business is efficient business and operational costs often remain steady or drop slightly.

Save the World

Become one of the growing number of businesses doing their part  to combat climate change and global warming.