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The health and safety of our community members and the public at large is extremely important to us. As the situation continues to progress, we are closely following information and requirements put in place by BC’s public health officials. We will continue to make changes to our program and the way we conduct business as needed.


Site visits can be conducted virtually or in person for both existing and new VIGBC members. 

Virtual site visits will be conducted via Zoom and will require additional prep work to be completed prior to the site visit to ensure that we can verify each action.

In person site visits will still be offered at this time. For in person site visits our verifiers are committed to following the health and safety protocols you have in place. All verifiers will be prepared to wear masks upon entering your business and will come equipped with hand sanitizer. Our verifiers will uphold any social distancing measures and will be conscious of contact points.


With economies reopening, now is the time to strengthen the network of green businesses and look at ways we can become more resilient- through environmental practices, operational cost savings and innovation. We look forward to working with you on continued progress and momentum towards a sustainable future!

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