Dockside Physiotherapy


103-399 Tyee Rd
Victoria, BC

V9A 0A8



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At Dockside Physiotherapy, we are a team of registered physiotherapists dedicated to helping guide you along your recovery path. We will work together with you to identify the source of your pain, and formulate a customized treatment plan that addresses your needs and achieves your goals. We offer a variety of services in addition to physiotherapy, including pelvic health, concussion rehab, chronic pain/injury recovery, bike fitting, and IMS/dry needling. Call us to schedule an appointment today, or book online at your convenience.

Green Highlights: 

  • Reusable handmade cotton swabs are used in place of traditional cotton swabs that end up in landfill

  • No single use products purchased for staff and client use

  • Sustainable Purchasing Policy in place for all new office equipment, appliances, and furniture

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