COVID-19 RESPONSE: With BC’s Restart Plan in motion we are excited to start reconnecting with our VIGBC members! Our verifiers are here to support your sustainability efforts as you re-open. Find out more here.

Becoming a VIGBC member is easy! First, check out our top 5 member benefits. Next, follow the 6 step process below. When you are ready to certify, your business will be assigned to a verifer who will conduct an annual site visit to help you find solutions to greening your business, focusing on impactful, cost-reducing solutions on the checklists. This one-on-one coaching model allows us to tailor our recommendations to your specific business, provide you with resources and help you overcome any challenges.

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Brand Appeal: Making your business a sustainable one speaks to stake-holders, letting them know that you care about your environmental impact.

Reduced Costs: Some worry that going green will cost more than their current way of business.  In fact, green business is efficient business and operational costs often remain steady or drop slightly.

Staff Retention: Attract and retain loyal staff by publicly evaluating your businesses' impact and finding ways to reduce it.  Businesses that go green retain staff longer than those who stick to the "business as usual" model.

Greener Practices: By shifting current practices we can integrate our economy with local ecosystems, enabling both to thrive.

Green Network: Connect with a growing number of businesses and individuals  doing their part to combat climate change and global warming


Download the criteria

Download the applicable checklist and review the document to get a sense of what our verifiers will be looking for. The checklists look into 6 areas of interest: buildings & operations, waste, water, transportation, purchasing & products, climate action, and social impacts. Based on the number of points achieve will determine your score level of silver, gold, or green. 

Businesses also have the opportunity to become an ocean friendly business by completing all Surfrider actions on your designated checklist. These actions focus on reducing single use plastics. 



Set up a site visit 

Email to schedule a site visit with one of our verifiers. At this stage we will be able to answer any lingering questions you may have about the collective and actions you can take. 


Complete the site visit & improve your score

Your assigned verifier will come on site to do a walk through of your business and will complete the checklist. After the site visit your verifier will follow up with your preliminary score and suggestions on how to improve. Typically, a business will implement selected suggestions within a three week time frame following your preliminary score. Photo evidence or documentation will be requested to confirm any changes made.



After the preliminary score has been sent, Synergy Sustainability Institute will follow up with your invoice.

Annual Certification fee: 


Please note that members who achieve GREEN STATUS three years in a row will qualify for our bi-yearly renewal program. At this point the certification will take place every second year rather than annually. Learn more here


Receive your final score 

Once payment has been received and any changes have been implemented your verifier will follow up with your final score and digital decals. 


Celebrate your success

Celebrate your accomplishments! Once you are officially certified, we will:

  • Create a custom business webpage on the VIGBC site  - providing an overview of your business and your green efforts 

  • Social media posts - we have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to follow and tag us

  • Physical certificate and decals will be mailed to your business 

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