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Financing & Rebates

Vancity Envirofund 

Why we like it: This fund is available to organizations in the community who are creating sustainable programs

Vancity Planet-Wise Business Solutions Loan

Why we like it: No matter how big or small, make your business or not‑for‑profit organization more energy‑efficient and climate‑friendly with the Vancity Planet‑Wise Business Solutions Loan

Planet-Wise Business Solutions

This loan offers support to green your business, a win for your bottom line, your community, and the planet.

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Eco Canada 

Why we like it: This program provides employers with wage subsidies and offers training programs to environmental employees and graduates to upgrade their skills


Why we like it: This service helps employers find and apply for training and hiring grants and you only pay for the service if your funding application is approved

Fortis BC

Why we like it: Fortis BC offers a variety of rebates for upgrades and renovations that reduce your environmental impact and save you money


BC Hydro EV Charging Rebate

Why we like it: As part of the province's CleanBC plan, BC Hydro is offering rebates for businesses who purchase and install eligible EV chargers for employee use

Green Products


Sugar Sheet
Social Print Paper

100% tree free paper manufactured using residue waste of sugar cane. Looks, performs, and recycles like traditional paper


Why we like it: Vancouver based company! The receipts are custom printed with the eco-benefits. The paper is FSC certified.


Eco Ware Group Compostable Take-Out Containers

Why we like it: Eco Ware's fiber based containers are 100% home compostable and use non-toxic inks

Saigon Forest

Why we like it: Straws made from simple, food based ingredients and coloured with natural vegetable dyes

Cascades Paper

Why we like it: Fibre-based packaging and hygiene tissues made of recycled and post-consumer recycled content

The Soap Exchange

Why we like it: 100% Canadian made biodegradable cleaning products that can be refilled in bulk and commercial sizes


The Nulla Project

Why we like it: Coffee shops and restaurants can save money and reduce cup waste by participating in their reusable cup sharing program


Evo Car Share

Why we like it: This affordable and convenient hybrid car sharing program allows you to pick up an Evo near you and go anywhere for as long as you want

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Evo Car Share

Evo is the evolution of car sharing, easily getting you from here to there, with room for your colleagues and business materials and free parking included

NomadEX BC Courier

Why we like it: They are a rider-owned bike courier company with years of experience and deep commitment to quality and sustainability.

BizBiz Share

Why we like it: This online marketplace allows businesses to buy, sell or rent their overstocked inventory, warehouse space or equipment with other nearby companies

Geazone Eco-Courier

Why we like it: This company offers fast and reliable courier services to businesses across Vancouver Island island in zero emission vehicles

Bullfrog Power

Why we like it: By bullfrogpowering your home or business with green energy, you can join the renewable energy transition and support community-based green energy projects in BC and beyond


Bullfrog Power
Sustainability Solutions

Choose green energy from wind, solar, and low-impact hydro sources across Canada

HoneyBee Cleaning

Why we like it: This residential and commercial cleaning service uses chemical free, environmentally friendly products to protect you and the planet


Victoria Transmission  

Why we like it: They offer a variety of Green Automotive services using the most environmentally sensitive oils and fluids available and they have an extensive parts recycling program

Blue Green Planet Project 

Why we like it: Theis carbon solutions company makes tree planting in Canada easy for your business, supporting carbon drawdown, forest health, and rural and Indigenous communities

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Blue Green Planet Project
Planting Trees

Sponsor nature-based climate solutions that bring value to rural communities while assisting you with your give back goals


Truth & Reconciliation: A Resource List for Businesses

Why we like it: This document is intended to act as a compilation of resources for businesses seeking to take further action towards reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

Circular Cities Club 

Why we like it: This Circular Economy Club brings cities from around the globe together to share, educate, and network


Compost Education Centre

Why we like it: This local non-profit provides composting and ecological education through a variety of platforms to youth and adults in the CRD and Greater Victoria


Surfrider Vancouver Island 

Why we like it: Their mission is to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches through powerful activist work. They host monthly beach cleans and events across Southern Vancouver Island

Indigenous Perspectives Society

Why we like it: They offer a variety of training and consulting services that help foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives, cultural differences, and the need for self-determination

Synergy Foundation

Why we like it: We think it's pretty obvious why we like this non-profit ;)

Recycling and Upycling

Ergo Eco Solutions

Why we like it: Founded on Vancouver Island, Ergo collects waste cooking oil from local restaurants to produce bio diesel 



Why we like it: This Vancouver-based company diverts used chopsticks from the landfill and upcycles them into high quality homeware and décor

Demxx Centre

Why we like it: This deconstruction centre in Coombs has over 50,000 square feet of  reclaimed building materials, perfect for your next renovation

SUPPLY Victoria

Why we like it: They divert art, office and school supplies from the landfill and redistribute it artist's, teachers and students in need of creative materials

ReStore Victoria

Why we like it: They provide an affordable option for home improvement projects while keeping tons of perfectly good items from ending up in the landfill

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